BetterDiscord Troubleshooting

Any problems or questions with BetterDiscord should be found here if you do not see a common and problem and know the answer to it please add it by clicking the pencil on top.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions concerning BetterDiscord.

BetterDiscord not installing

BetterDiscord is in continuous development with bug fixes and improvement and at the moment it seems to be an uncommon glitch all we can say is keep trying to install! :(

BetterDiscord is gone

Every time there is a big Discord update BetterDiscord will get removed from Discord. How do you fix this? Just reinstall BetterDiscord and you will not loose anything!

Discord Settings gone

If your Discord settings have disappeared it will be 1 of 2 things. It's because of a Theme or a Plugin.

  • You can do a trial and error of deleting themes and plugins and see which is the culprit.
  • You can also just do CTRL+, on your keyboard while Discord is open to make settings appear again.

BTTV Emotes Updates

BTTV emotes are updated weekly by EhsanKia that can be contacted in the BetterDiscord Server

  • You can check here if the emotes have been updated.

FFZ Emotes Updates

FFZ emotes are updated weekly by Pohky that can be contacted in the BetterDiscord Server

  • You can check here if the emotes have been updated.

Blacklisted Emotes

We as a community hate emotes getting in our sentences without wanting to put them there so we have decided to blacklisted them.

  • Want to check if an emote has been blacklisted? Check here.
  • 3 letter emotes are blacklisted. LUL converts to LUUL
  • Common words such as STOP! are blacklisted

Add my Server

Want your special server to be added to the BetterDiscord server list?

  • Go to
  • On the top right click "Add Your Server" then go through the steps to add your server
  • That's it! Now as soon as you see your server in the list it should be on BetterDiscord also.

Server List Empty

Your server list is empty in BetterDiscord? This could be one of two things

  • is having issues on their end and we can't possibly do anything to fix this.
  • Your internet connection is too slow or it's dead.