BetterDiscord Emotes

This is BetterDiscords Emotes, all what you need to know about them is right here. If you encounter a problem and can’t find the solution here, please submit a GitHub issue and we will try to solve it.

Favorite Emotes

Have some favorite emotes that you want easy access to ? Well BetterDiscord has that! now it's easy to see all your favorite emotes.

  • Hover over a displaying emote and hover over the start and click on it.

  • Now you can have a list of your favorite emotes!

    Emote Modifiers

    What are modifiers? Basically they are emote extensions to make them do interesting things as seen below.

    Preview Modifiers
    Kappa:spin Kappa:spin2 Kappa:spin3
    Kappa:1spin Kappa:2spin Kappa:3spin
    Omni:shake Omni:shake2 Omni:shake3
    ==> nymnCorn:flip

    Vdoit1 (Normal)VDoit2:tr (Top Right)
    VDoit3:bl (Bottom Left)VDoit4:br (Bottom Right)