BetterDiscord Plugin API

This is BetterDiscords Plugin API this is a great help for plugin developers. If you encounter a problem and can’t find the solution here, please submit a GitHub issue and we will try to solve it.

Plugin API

This is currently the API it might not be much but it's progressing.

API Calls Description
BdApi.joinServer("code"); Join a server with invite code.
BdApi.injectCSS("id", "css"); Clear your css.
BdApi.getPlugin("name"); Interact with other plugins
BdApi.getIpc(); Currently pointless since the ipc doesn't have any backend returns
BdApi.getCore(); Get the BetterDiscord core module
BdApi.getUserIdByName("name"); Attempts to return userid by username
BdApi.getUserNameById("id"); Attempts to return username by userid
BdApi.setPlaying("game"); Disabled for now
BdApi.setStatus("status"); Disabled for now
Core.prototype.alert("title", "text") Displays a simple alert box, will be moved to BdApi.alert("title", "content") soon