Plugin Troubleshooting

Any problems or questions with plugins should be found here if you do not see a common and problem and know the answer to it please add it by clicking the pencil on top.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions about themes.

Empty Plugin List

Please follow these steps to get your plugins showing up again!

  • First make sure you saved the theme to
    Windows: %appdata%\betterdiscord\plugins\
        Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/BetterDiscord/plugins
  • Make sure the plugins file extension is .plugin.js
  • Make sure the plugins 1st line of JavaScript contains the META tag
  • Now restart your Discord app
  • If step 4 didn't work please reinstall BetterDiscord

Plugin Hosting

Many people ask where is the best place to host your Plugin to make it easy for users to download and update.

  • Github - Most recommended site to host your themes/plugins
  • Google Drive - Ok site to host themes/plugins
  • PasteBin/Ghostbin - Not recommended at all to host themes/plugins

Meta Tag

A Meta tag is the first line of CSS/Javascript that is required for every Theme/Plugin to have so BetterDiscord can identify the file.

  • Example of a Plugin's Meta Tag